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Jai's Design Journal

Visual and Interactive Design journal completed during Semester 1, 2017 at Victoria University.

Week 11 Journal May 18th - May 25th


Learning styles – a high score in reading/writing on the VARK test led me to include more text, quoted and original, in my designs, reflecting on instincts from the first week Canva experiment.


After implementing the class survey, the next step was to parse the data for use in the design evaluation process. This was difficult because of previously outlined personal engagement with the subject (detailed in Week 1 entry). Short-answer responses from the class such as “highly dislike it, not the way of things” and “its just weird” regarding their personal use of all-gender bathrooms revealed that my assumption (that the majority of the class were a two or a three on the scale discussed in Week 2 entry) was unstable, and I needed to re-assess my approach.


I focused mainly on completing the design this week, so didn’t engage in knowledge extension activities.


Natasha showed me how to use layer blending in Photoshop. I have been getting particularly good mileage out of the ‘Overlay’ setting.


I visualised some of the data from the class survey for use in my presentation on the design.


I reviewed the emotional theme of the design based on this data, and decided to focus on the perspective put forth in Week 1 entry as “highlighting the pressing issue of safety and the daily anxiety of transgender individuals using public bathrooms” while providing clear solutions for the audience within the design. The design objects ultimately strive to create links between the experiences of transgender students in bathrooms and audience anxieties to create a sense of identification.

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