Jai Moore is a writer, student and pasta enthusiast living in Melbourne.



A complete list.

Everywhere I've been and what I've learned. Chronologically.
Does not include volunteer roles.

2008 — Total Health & Thermal Imaging, QLD
Retail assistance in a small health food retailer run by Deidre Brophy, who is not a doctor. Read about the investigation.

2008-2010 — SPAR Malanda, QLD
Supermarket retail casual; checkout and stock fill. Reprimanded once by supervisor for figuring out how to log in to the advanced POS functions.

2010 — Tree Kangaroo Cafe, QLD
Kitchen hand. Learned to cook under the guidance of an eccentric Dutch chef. Decided that cooking was my calling.

2010-2012 — Malanda Dairy Centre, QLD
My first full-time job. I commenced and discontinued my apprenticeship and Certificate III in Commercial Cookery here. Made a lot of hollandaise sauce. Decided that maybe cooking wasn't my calling after all.

2011 — Malanda Lodge, QLD
Kitchen hand. I actually only worked here for three or four days, as a favour to a friend. It was fun.

2012 — Tinaroo Lakes Resort, QLD
Kitchen hand. We used to cater weddings here. Once, I walked out into the dining room and was surprised to see my grandfather sitting at Table 5. It turned out it was my cousin's wedding. She was marrying the son of my driving instructor. We took some pictures of me and the bride, both wearing white.

2012-2013 — Welcome Mart, QLD
Retail assistant. This was a cute little salad-bar-come-fruit-and-vegetable shop. I used to take home the leftover sandwiches for my housemates. I loved the people, but hated the five a.m. starts.

2013 — The Atherton Hotel, QLD
Also known as 'The Stump', I worked fifty-hour weeks as a cook, bartender and server at this pub. It was the first job I had where I was in charge of training new staff. By now I knew that cooking wasn't going to be what I did forever, but I also knew that I was good at it.

2014 — Universal Italian Restaurant, VIC
Casual waitstaff role. Because of my experience with catering large functions, the management used to leave me in charge of large groups of up to 90 schoolchildren.

2014 — Revolt Artspace, VIC
Bartender. Revolt was a cool venue that my housemate managed the bar at. Apparently Amanda Palmer had a party there once. I worked there for two weeks for some extra cash. They never paid me.

2015-2016 — 8bit, VIC
Part-time line cook. I joked with my parents that I'd gotten a summer job flipping burgers. It actually went all the way into June. My favourite part of the restaurant was the iPad that had Spotify Premium for Business installed. On Friday nights, we'd have a line at the counter that went halfway around the block.

2017 — Victoria University, VIC
Casual admin assistance in the Blended Learning department. My first office job. I had a shaved head and I was nervous about fitting in. Now I claim my laptop on tax.

2017 — Overland literary journal, VIC
Editorial intern. I liked being at Overland. I liked that I got to read a lot, and everyone seemed content enough with me being there. It felt like getting my first job all over again, which is probably a positive thing.

2017 — Deluxe Bar & Lounge, VIC
Casual bartender. Vodka-focused repertoire.

2017 — Malthouse Theatre, VIC
Admin assistant (temp).


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